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a Vegan Lovestory 💚

The "Vegan Jungkoch Award", which was held for the second time on the occasion of the Vegan Planet trade fair at the Vienna MAK (Museum of Applied Arts), sets an example for sustainability and more mindfulness in dealing with our food. A great love story is about to emerge. With this initiative, we are promoting young cooks from the vegan sector and motivating them to carry their craft beyond any borders.


The vegan philosophy of life is on the rise across Europe, and more and more restaurants around the world are seeking to do away with food of animal origin and instead create highly creative, vegan menus. Exactly this commitment is rewarded with the "Vegan Young Chef Award".


The jury

With Siegfried Kröpfl, an authentic award-winning chef could be won as a brand ambassador for this unique award. He is the first Austrian celebrity chef to treat the subject of vegan in an attractive and delicious way. Kröpfl, who feeds himself exclusively vegan.


Information about the qualification

In the course of a qualifying round, 3 candidates will be selected by an expert jury. The task at the event is to create a vegan main course and a vegan appetizer or dessert. Criteria such as creativity, appearance and, last but not least, taste are evaluated. Any young chef who is either still in training or successfully completing his or her studies and is already working in the catering industry can apply.


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